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Red and pale (symptoms of hypertension)

And how for a long time the mankind has opened this disease?
The very first classification of a hypertension belongs to German doctor Frantsu Folhardu, which else in 1914 has started to subdivide it on red and pale. Here such then there was a primitive attitude to this artful illness.

« In case of a pale hypertension there is a spasm of fine vessels; the leather of the person and finitenesses thus turns pale, becomes cold to the touch. On the contrary, at a red hypertension during the moment of increase of pressure the person and a body redden, it is frequent spots that speaks expansion of capillaries of a leather ».
By the end of 30th years the Soviet academician George Lang not only has developed definition of hypertonic illness, but also has made an attempt to distinguish its variants. Thus kinds of a hypertension have been allocated good-quality (slowly progressing) and malignant (quickly progressing).
At slow (good-quality) progressing disease passes 3 stages which distinguish the HELL on a degree of stability of increase, and also on presence and expressiveness of pathological changes in so-called bodies-targets (it and is heart, kidneys, a retina of an eye).
The malignant Symptoms of hypertension often begins at children's age. It has endocrine the nature and proceeds very hard. It stably high figures of arterial pressure, strong headaches, vomiting, heavy defeats of vessels of an eye bottom, a spasm, почечная characterize insufficiency, oliguria(decrease in quantity of urine).


The regular use of spirits, as is known, lifts a blood pressure, but the effect can depend substantially on age and levels of cholesterol in an organism of the person, has shown research of medical college Hyogo in Japan.


- Speak, that if at the person the raised pressure with the years it will raise, and it can live with it. And in general, while it you do not feel, all is normal...

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