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Hello! At me pressure 172/70 or 157/60 …

Bottom ” pressure normal, and "top" is raised. What is it?
Hello! At me pressure 172/70 or 157/60 …
Basically a difference 100 or 80 that it means both what to do? Also what it can be?

It means, that you have a disease under the name the Arterial Hypertension symptoms. Simply there is such variant of this disease, as “ Isolated an arterial Hypertension symptoms ”.

It speaks that at you is raised only, that is the "top" pressure in common people, and "bottom" or - within the limits of norm.
For treatment isolated систолической an arterial Hypertension symptoms use the preparations containing once a day more often
To find out, why it occurs and why raises only pressure, it is necessary to pass standard on an arterial Hypertension symptoms with which results to visit the cardiologist or the therapist.
Standard inspection on an arterial Hypertension symptoms includes:
The general analysis of blood and urine, electrocardiogram,  (ultrasonic of heart), ultrasonic kidneys, the analysis of blood from a vein (cholesterol, glucose).
Yours faithfully, Sergey Alekseevich Filimonov.

6 responses on “ “ Bottom ” pressure normal, and “ top ” are raised. What is it? ”

Hello, the doctor. At me just a return situation, i.e. high figures pressure (130-160/110-130). Hypertension symptoms  To me 43, a problem such already more than 15 years. Earlier accepted the minimal dozes (2,5 up to 5 mg) … on a background of preparations of figure slightly decreased. At present (more than 2 years) have refused everything since has replaced the country of residing, a way of life, have borrowed in a healthy feed. I feel perfectly, but figures диастол. Frighten, sometimes a difference And. Less than 20 units, i.e. 120/105. <100 do not happen! An average. Values 140/110. Sight - normal, but - vessels are narrowed and twisting. hearts - in norm. Kidneys too. The condition I explain excitability, I experience on trifles, long I calm down. The reason in it can? Whether it is necessary to begin all the same Hypertension symptoms? Or it is enough? Homeopathy? In advance thanks for advice. Elena

The raised nervous excitability - very significant factor which influences on pressure.
One interesting research of preparation Тенотен (calming,) where it has been shown was carried out, that after its application Hypertension symptoms pressure decreased on 10-20 mm. Without visible influence on it гипотензивных preparations. The rate of reception made one month. Frequency rate of reception 3 таб. In day (under language).
Yours faithfully, Sergey Alekseevich Filimonov.

Thanks huge! I shall necessarily try. Sergey Alekseevich if it is possible, explain, please "kitchen" of this process, so to say “ on fingers ”. often name intimate, i.e. whether correctly I understand, that "pump" on an output works with the raised loading. Whether can in my case as to help “” blood, for example, reception of Aspirin in, or can still intimate drops (to help heart to cope)? Once again thanks you your advice also excuse for troubling. Elena.

At me with pressure everything is all right, but I Hypertension symptoms am simple so I accept, when I am nervous strongly because it is good as calming. Also did not notice, that something occured to pressure.

At me pressure 130/110! To me of 45 years! Has begun after the second sorts! Why so, what top normal, and bottom high???


The regular use of spirits, as is known, lifts a blood pressure, but the effect can depend substantially on age and levels of cholesterol in an organism of the person, has shown research of medical college Hyogo in Japan.

Hypertension symptoms
Now in treatment of a Hypertension symptoms are widely enough used, the adonis. Offered recipes and advice will help to improve state of health sick of a Hypertension symptoms.

The very first classification of a hypertension belongs to German doctor Frantsu Folhardu, which else in 1914 has started to subdivide it on red and pale. Here such then there was a primitive attitude to this artful illness.

As has shown the national review, 81 percent of Americans is used with different forms of correction of sight, but nevertheless 26 % of the population of the country did not visit the oculist within last two years. Besides deterioration of sight can be an initial symptoms of hypertension , diabetes, a tumour of a brain, a cancer, cardiovascular diseases and a multiple sclerosis.