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Shortly about arterial pressure

Arterial pressure and health

Among set of problems with the health, arising at the modern person, more often it faces the problems connected with arterial pressure. It is widely known, that the raised arterial pressure causes such diseases, as a haemorrhage in a brain or illnesses of heart. Deviations of size of arterial pressure from norm cause numerous diseases and complications.

The raised and lowered arterial pressure
·            Exists two versions of the raised (lowered) arterial pressure - the true raised arterial pressure which takes place even without the concrete reason, for example, other disease, etc., and the symptomatic raised arterial pressure which is consequence of such diseases as illnesses of kidneys, infringements of a metabolism, etc. the True raised arterial pressure is the reason more than 90 % of the problems connected with a Hypertension symptoms and is caused, in particular, by congenital predisposition.
If the symptomatic raised arterial pressure takes place, it is necessary to be treated for illness which has caused it.
·            In a number of the factors causing raised arterial pressure, there is the use too a plenty of salt, переедание, an abusing spirits, smoking, lack of physical exercises, adiposity, overfatigue and stress.
Health, on a regular basis measuring arterial pressure a tonometer and following the recommendations resulted above is important to care of the .

The raised pressure caused by a nervous pressure

Quite probably, that results of measurement of size of arterial pressure in-home will differ considerably from received in presence of the doctor. Arterial pressure can become above, than usually if you are in a condition of a nervous pressure or feel awkwardness, especially at presence of the doctor. Suffering from it it is necessary to watch daily change of size of the arterial pressure within day and to address for advice to the doctor.

Fluctuations of size of arterial pressure

Arterial pressure constantly varies - the indications received as a result of one or two measurements should not disturb or please you too.
Arterial pressure varies both within day, and within a month Hypertension symptoms; it is influenced with a season and temperature. Resulted below the schedule shows increase and reduction of arterial pressure within day.
If you wish to measure correctly arterial pressure it is necessary to know, that it together with atmospheric varies even at healthy people both within day, and during short time intervals depending on physical activity, emotional excitability, from a diet, let alone influence of accepted medicines, smoking and the use of spirits. For example, at many pressure can change because of the excitement connected with the procedure of its measurement. A difference in indications at healthy people at change "top" (Hypertension symptoms) pressure within the limits of up to 30 mm hg and "bottom" () within the limits of up to 10 mm hg
Please, try to make clear representation about the arterial pressure. It is necessary to make for this purpose on a regular basis measurements within day and messages precise records of the received results.

Measurement of arterial pressure and the control over a state of health

Arterial pressure of the person considerably changes within day depending on its emotional and physical condition.
If measurement has shown, that arterial pressure is raised, it not necessarily specifies that the person is sick.
It is very dangerous to worry or do the conclusions about a state of health of the person, not having the necessary information and having only by results of one or two measurements.
Watch change of arterial pressure when in your daily life there are any events, and try to learn, when at you arterial pressure rises and-or goes down. It is much more important, than to know your base arterial pressure. Show records to the doctor and consult with it. There Is nothing surprising that thus you can daily watch the mental and physical condition.


absolutely healthy
That who considers itself absolutely healthy, it is recommended to measure pressure not less often than time in 3 months. To the people, suffering Hypertension symptoms.

- Speak, that if at the person the raised pressure with the years it will raise, and it can live with it. And in general, while it you do not feel, all is normal...

It is considered to be, that the HELL 120/80 - normal, and.. 110/60 optimum. or the primary Hypertension symptoms is observed approximately in 90 %, it means, that in overwhelming number of cases the reason of a Hypertension symptoms is unknown.

Such complications are connected with an arterial hypertension , as heart attacks, insults, development of intimate insufficiency, infringement of a rhythm of heart. Therefore preventive maintenance and treatment of an arterial Hypertension symptoms in Ukraine is very important