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Arterial hypertensia

Increase of arterial pressure at children and teenagers meets in 5-10 % of cases. It is accepted to distinguish primary and secondary arterial Hypertension symptoms. It is considered, that the arterial Hypertension symptoms at children in most cases is secondary.
Up to age increase of arterial pressure is observed more often at:

Up to age increase of arterial pressure is observed more often at:
·            Diseases of kidneys: about 70 % of all diseases;
·            systems: syndrome, etc.;
·            Cardiovascular system: aortas, a stenosis of a mouth of an aorta, insufficiency of valves of the aorta, opened a channel, etc.
the period high frequency arterial hypertensia is caused first of all by hormonal reorganization at which the great value has increase in production of adrenaline and. Also have the value of illness of kidneys, systems, etc.
In most cases increase of arterial pressure at children comes to light casually, and searches of the basic disease led a Hypertension symptoms are necessary.
The reasons of an arterial hypertensia
At children in препубертатном and пубертатном age the arterial hypertensia meets at a vegetovascular dystonia is more often. Usually at these children emotional lability is expressed, they show many complaints: bad state of health, irritability, easy fatigue, pains in the field of heart, headaches, etc.
At objective inspection the tachycardia, a resistant top push come to light, functional noise, sometimes accent of II tone above an aorta is listened. Arterial pressure exceeds age norm.
At children of early age the arterial Hypertension symptoms proceeds is more often. Less often it is shown by a delay of physical development, attributes of intimate insufficiency, a short wind, the vomiting raised or lowered by excitability, spasmes.
The primary arterial hypertensia is necessary for distinguishing from secondary at which increase of arterial pressure is a leading symptom - and a cardiovascular Hypertension symptoms
a hypertensia
a hypertensia at children's age the most frequent form of a secondary hypertensia. Among its reasons differ:
·           : a stenosis one or both arteries, a compression of one of arteries a tumour, a hematoma, inflammatory process, a heavy stenosis of an isthmus of an aorta, syndrome (a heavy hypertensia at одно-or bilateral anomaly arteries with and);
·           : developmental anomalies of kidneys, chronic and sharp a sharp and chronic pyelonephritis, ГУС, diabetic, etc.;
·            the infringements, accompanied difficulty of outflow of urine and its delay.
The diagnosis вазоренальной hypertensia (it is caused by infringement of blood supply of kidneys) can be suspected on a stable Hypertension symptoms with primary increase pressure, stability to medicamentous therapy.
research can be revealed noise above area arteries. The diagnosis proves to be true data the arteries, revealing character and a degree of defeat arteries, an aorta and its branches. At are found out reduction of the sizes of a kidney by the party of defeat arteries and some expansion systems.
The diagnosis diseases of kidneys (specific cells of a fabric of kidneys) is established on a uric syndrome. With diagnostics help kidneys, urography.
The arterial Hypertension symptoms is observed at, syndrome ?ценко - Кушинга, a syndrome with a hypertensia, primary (syndrome Конна), a syndrome of Barter,.
is the raised secretion. Disease can be the primary, caused primary defeat of adrenal glands (syndrome Конна) or secondary, caused by the factors activating system.
Syndrome Конна is caused by a -producing tumour - an adenoma zones or barks of adrenal glands. At children's age usually is present secondary: a stenosis arteries, diseases of kidneys, a syndrome.
Characteristic attributes of syndrome  are an arterial Hypertension symptoms. Гипокалиемия it is shown (fatigue, discomfort, muscular weakness, periodic paralyses. At patients arterial pressure that is accompanied by a headache, dizziness, infringement of sight also is sharply raised.
The diagnosis proves to be true a high level and low рениновой activity.
The hypertensia at syndrome is diagnosed on, causing chronic diarrheas with the general down to periodic paralyses. Also are observed, delay of growth. The raised allocation with urine confirms the diagnosis.
At a syndrome can meet also forms of a Hypertension symptoms, but they are dexamethasone-dependent.
The syndrome of Barter is he device (set of cells in the field of an input in). The syndrome also is characterized secondary which is normalized under influence of the preparations, braking synthesis, for example, indometacin.
Syndrome and illness. It is a syndrome developing as a result of hyperfunction of a bark of adrenal glands, shown:
·            Atypical adiposity: «» adiposity;
·            An arterial Hypertension symptoms;
·            A bony rarefication;
The reasons of hyperfunction can be:
·            Changes in: illness ?ценко - Кушинга;
·            an adenoma of a forward share of a hypophysis;
·            Tumours of a bark of adrenal glands: an adenoma, a cancer;
·            Other tumours of б»Тс-SYSTEM producing, on a structure and action close to АКТГ;
·            Long reception глюкокоргикоидов: syndrome.
Clinical symptoms of the raised secretion of glucocorticoids are:
·            Adiposity;
·            The slowed down growth;
·            A bony rarefication;
·            Decrease in tolerance to carbohydrates;
·            On a leather of a stomach, shoulders, appear is cyanotic-crimson color of a strip of a stretching ().
Superfluous synthesis causes (premature on man's type), appear угри.
Consequence of the raised secretion is high arterial pressure which leads to change of vessels of an eye bottom, kidneys, to infringement of brain blood circulation, and . Owing to appear changes on an electrocardiogram, the general muscular weakness accrues.
The diagnosis is based on characteristic clinical attributes and laboratory data: a high level кортизола and альдостерона in whey of blood and their raised deducing with urine; the positive test with dexamethasone, , based on suppression of production АКТГ. With the diagnostic purpose the nuclear magnetic resonance are used, ЭЭГ and, a computer tomography, эхография,
- a tumour, секретирующая (adrenaline,) and occuring from cells. More often as its source the brain substance of adrenal glands, less often a sympathetic chain at a level bottom serves an artery or it and others sympathetic
This hereditary disease with prepotent type of inheritance is frequent, quite often associates with other syndromes and tumours: syndrome plural эндокринный For are characteristic hypertonic crisises, during the moment of an attack there is a pallor, a nausea, vomiting, pains at a stomach, can be.
The diagnosis proves to be true the raised level  in the blood raised  of their and their end-products with urine. For comparison: in norm for a day it is allocated 11-76 adrenaline, 47-236 нмоль, 15-45 -almond acid.  the diagnosis is established by means of, a nuclear magnetic resonance, and a computer tomography.
a toxic craw or illness, illness is disease. It is shown by increase of production hormones a thyroid gland.
For disease syndromes of defeat of nervous, cardiovascular systems, a gastroenteric path, eye symptoms, increase in a thyroid gland are characteristic. Changes from nervous system are shown by complaints to a bad dream and fast fatigue, vegetative shifts:, feeling of heat, rise in temperature, a tremor of fingers of hands, a century, language, the hypererethism, unstable mood.
The tachycardia is an early and constant attribute of disease, is kept during a dream, weights of disease, pulse high and fast accrue in parallel, arterial pressure is raised, is lowered, tones of heart are strengthened, above heart is listened noise.
The syndrome of gastroenteric frustration is characterized by the "wolf" appetite, not accompanied an increase of weight of a body (opposite, the child grows thin), occurrence of thirst, dysfunction of a gastroenteric path (a dyskinesia of bilious ways, , diarrheas), increase in a liver.
now it is considered as independent disease with defeat fabrics and muscles specific antibodies. Comes to light at 60-70 % of children with a toxic craw.
The diagnosis is established without special difficulties at presence of typical symptoms: экзофтальм, increase in a thyroid gland, change of behaviour, the complaint to palpitation and a tachycardia, , etc.
Levels hormones in blood are raised: Т3 more than 4,0, Т4 more than 200. Also levels and the antibodies, weights of disease depending on a degree are raised.
Smaller value in diagnostics a toxic craw infringements of a carbohydrate exchange on diabetic type have, changes of an electrocardiogram.
Cardiovascular Hypertension symptoms
Narrowing of an isthmus of an aorta as the reason of a hypertensia is easily diagnosed on increase of arterial pressure on the top finitenesses while on legs pulse small or is absent also arterial pressure lowered. The diagnosis proves to be true with Opened (arterial) channel is accompanied by increase of arterial pressure because of increase in minute volume of blood. The diagnosis proves to be true presence noise above the basis of heart, with.
At insufficiency the valve increase only pressure with corresponding increase in amplitude and fast pulse takes place. Confirms the diagnosis noise above the basis of heart or in Botkin's point - Increase of arterial pressure at defeat of a brain (, a trauma of a brain, a tumour) never happens a unique symptom and consequently does not represent a diagnostic problem.
The Hypertension symptoms as one of symptoms of a poisoning (mercury, thallium, arsenic), after exception of the most frequent reasons of increase of arterial pressure, is diagnosed on with urine or to a level in blood of corresponding metals.


As well as any other somatic disease, a hypertension has the certain semiology of display. For an initial stage of a hypertensia dizzinesses without the visible reasons, and also infringements of a dream (a sleeplessness, uneasiness, discomfort) are characteristic periodically arising weakness, migraine headaches.

hypertonic illness
The basic attribute of hypertonic illness ( Hypertension symptoms) is increase of arterial pressure owing to the raised pressure of muscles in walls of fine arteries.

Last years levels of desease of a diabetes , adiposity and kidney illnesses have strongly increased alongside with increase in consumption of fructose, the majority of the aerated drinks applied at manufacturing.

Such complications are connected with an arterial hypertension , as heart attacks, insults, development of intimate insufficiency, infringement of a rhythm of heart. Therefore preventive maintenance and treatment of an arterial Hypertension symptoms in Ukraine is very important