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Arterial hypertension symptoms

Hypertension, « the raised pressure - we often hear these terms in a life, and tablets « from pressure » for certain are almost in each family. Now the arterial hypertensia symptoms is the major medico-social problem - at 30 % of adult population of the world the raised level of arterial pressure, and at 15 % - a proof arterial hypertensia is defined. These are diseases is one of principal causes of sharp diseases of heart (a heart attack of a myocardium) and a brain (insult) and underlies chronic diseases of heart and a brain, kidneys and eyes - so-called bodies-targets.

In what danger of increase of pressure? How to warn development of complications and what for to drink all these medicines? About it speech in given clause will go.
Arterial hypertensia symptoms - the chronic disease, described proof (and at initial stages - periodic) increase of arterial pressure up to a level of 140/90 mm hg and above. The arterial hypertensia happens primary - when the reason precisely to establish it is not possible (it is 90-96 % of cases) and secondary - caused by diseases endocrine bodies, kidneys.

Arterial pressure characterizes pressure of blood in a vascular channel of the person, its value is defined by a phase of an intimate cycle.
The first figure - sistole pressure - it arises during the moment of reduction (systole) of a myocardium left and provides emission of blood in an aorta. The second - diastole - pressure which blood presses on walls of vessels at the closed valve of an aorta during a relaxation (diastole) a myocardium left. The difference between these in two figures - puls pressure - matters in forecasting risk of development of defeats of bodies-targets and occurrence of complications of an arterial hypertensia.
Arterial pressure is measured in millimeters of a mercury column (mm hg) and in norm at the adult person is within the limits of 140/70 mm hg
Risk factors
First of all it is age (the risk of development arterial hypertension symptoms sharply increases at men 55 years are more senior and 65 years are more senior than women) and the family anamnesis - disease by an arterial hypertensia at parents and relatives. Besides influence is rendered with such factors, as smoking and abusing alcohol, superfluous consumption of table salt, superfluous weight of a body and a sedentary way of life, disease by a diabetes, infringement of an exchange of fats with development and progressing of an atherosclerosis of vessels. Influence render both excessive stresses and regular reception of some medical products (for example, regular reception of oral contraceptives).
Hypertension symptoms
The common symptoms of an arterial hypertensia - weakness, a headache, dizziness, заложенность or "ring" in ears, infringements of sight - these hypertension symptoms can be both an attribute of the raised arterial pressure, and an attribute of beginning complications from a brain - it the first suffers from infringement of blood circulation. Pains in the field of heart, a short wind, tachycardia, sensation of "faults" in work of heart, weakness and a cold snap of finitenesses, « an alternating lameness » - attributes of long increase of pressure and changes of a cardiac musle and vessels. Defeat of kidneys usually comes to light laboratory, however strengthened мочеиспускание at the night, the raised use of a liquid is guarding sign.
Very often arterial hypertensia proceeds no symptoms and comes to light casually on routine inspection at measurement of arterial pressure. It at the best. Quite often diagnosis « an arterial hypertensia » is put already after development dangerous, and is frequent also fatal complications.
The heaviest complications of an arterial hypertensia is, certainly, heart attacks and insults but even if suffering from a high pressure feels well and it is not treated, the hypertension symptoms negatively influences all bodies of the person.
Hypertonic crisis - sudden increase of the arterial pressure, accompanied significant deterioration brain, coronary, почечного blood circulations, that considerably raises risk of heavy complications: an insult, a heart attack of a myocardium, subarchnoidal haemorrhages, stratifications of a wall of an aorta, a hypostasis of lungs, sharp insufficiency.
The hypertonic crisis develops under action overstrain, the use of alcohol, the superfluous use of salty food, influence of weather factors, is frequent on a background of inadequate treatment of an arterial hypertension or at the termination of reception of medical products. During a crisis excitation, anxiety, fear, a tachycardia, sensation of shortage of air is marked. The feeling of " an internal shiver », cold sweat, a "goose" leather, a tremor of hands, reddening of the person is characteristic. At infringement of brain blood circulation there is a dizziness, a nausea, weakness in finitenesses, онемение lips and language, infringement of speech. In heavy cases there are attributes of intimate insufficiency (a short wind, an asthma), an astable stenocardia (загрудинные pains) or other vascular complications.
Long infringement of brain blood circulation causes decrease in memory and infringement of ability to remember new, and also conducts to loss of old skills, the emotional spirit changes - there is a tearfulness raise, that is that psychiatrists name the term «demention».
Intimate insufficiency - because of the raised pressure the cardiac musle should work in the strengthened mode to provide adequate supply of fabrics by oxygen. Such work leads to increase in the sizes of heart. At early stages the increased heart possesses the greater force, necessary more effectively to swing blood in an artery at the raised pressure. But in due course the increased myocardium becomes rigid and weak and cannot provide need of an organism for oxygen to the full.
The atherosclerosis of vessels - high the HELL on internal walls of vessels promotes the raised accumulation in them of fatty elements that leads to narrowing of a gleam of vessels. And it in turn causes development of a stenocardia and an alternating lameness. Action on vessels is shown also in the form of formation vascular the aneurysm is big walls of an artery under action of a strong current of blood. Having dug aneurysms (besides under action of a high pressure or as a result of a trauma) leads to dangerous consequences: to internal bleedings, brain bleedings and insults.
The hypertension symptoms,  raised pressure has damaging an effect and on small arteries, the truth, in another way - muscular walls of arteries утолщаются, that interferes with a normal current of blood inside of a vessel. It can result, for example, in damage of kidneys.
Daily through kidneys passes more than 1500 litres of blood, slags and waste are filtered and deduced with formed urine, and useful substances come back in a blood-groove. The raised arterial pressure forces kidneys to work in the strengthened mode, and damaged почечные vessels reduce quantity of filtered blood is leads to infringement of filtering function of kidneys. As a result of all it fiber is deduced with urine before will return to a blood-groove, and waste which in norm are deduced, on the contrary can get in a blood-groove. Process leads to a grave condition - to a uraemia, and subsequently and to почечной to insufficiency.
At the bottom of an eyeball there is a set of the smallest blood vessels which are especially sensitive to increase of pressure - some years of a uncontrollable hypertension, and processes of a degeneration of the eye retina, caused by poor blood supply, dot bleedings or accumulation of cholesterol in vessels begin.
Medicamentous therapy helps to lower considerably risk of development of cardiovascular diseases, insults and fatal outcomes. It is necessary for selecting by means of the expert. However the majority of patients considers, that use of medicines will lead to development of serious by-effects - from depression up to an impotence. Not medicamentous therapy which is directed first of all on reduction of risk factors Here can help:
· Refusal of smoking
· Normalization of weight of a body
· Decrease in consumption of alcoholic drinks
· Increase in physical activity
· Decrease in consumption of table salt up to 5 г/сут and change of a diet with increase in consumption of vegetative food, reduction of consumption of vegetative fats, increase in a diet калия, the calcium, containing in vegetables, fruit, grain, and the magnesium containing in dairy products.
Urgent therapy
For realization of immediate decrease in arterial pressure it is necessary to address for urgent medical aid in that case when sharp increase of pressure is accompanied by following symptoms:
· Expressed загрудинные pains of pressing character (it is possible, an astable stenocardia, a sharp heart attack of a myocardium)
· Increase of the short wind amplifying in horizontal position (it is possible, sharp intimate insufficiency)
· The expressed dizziness, a nausea, vomiting, infringement of speech or infringement of mobility of finitenesses (it is possible, sharp infringement of brain blood circulation)
· Infringement of sight, occurrence of doubling in opinion of (it is possible, a thrombosis of vessels of a retina).
Sharp increase of the arterial pressure, not accompanied occurrence of hypertension symptoms from other bodies, it is possible to normalize in house conditions by means of: Anaprilin (if rise of arterial pressure is accompanied by a tachycardia), Nifedipine  or Captopril. Then it is necessary to address to the cardiologist.


The world day of struggle against a hypertension which is spent since 2005 under the initiative of the World league of struggle against hypertension , in it to year passed under the slogan Salt and high arterial pressure: two silent murderers .

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Hypertension symptoms
Now in treatment of a Hypertension symptoms are widely enough used, the adonis. Offered recipes and advice will help to improve state of health sick of a Hypertension symptoms.

Last years levels of desease of a diabetes , adiposity and kidney illnesses have strongly increased alongside with increase in consumption of fructose, the majority of the aerated drinks applied at manufacturing.

Such complications are connected with an arterial hypertension , as heart attacks, insults, development of intimate insufficiency, infringement of a rhythm of heart. Therefore preventive maintenance and treatment of an arterial Hypertension symptoms in Ukraine is very important