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Arterial pressure measure after the person will easy sit or will lie down within 5 minutes. More than 140/90 mm hg consider pressure as raised, but diagnostics of Hypertension symptoms of  illness cannot be based on unitary measurement. Sometimes even it is not enough several measurements to diagnose. If at the person high arterial pressure it measure at once once again and then twice a day within at least two next days is registered

It allows to make sure, that the raised arterial pressure is kept. Data of measurements use not only for diagnostics, but also for definition of weight of illness.

After the raised arterial pressure is diagnosed, estimate a condition of "bodies-targets", especially blood vessels, heart, a brain and kidneys. A retina of an eye (a photosensitive membrane on a back surface of eyeballs) - a unique site where the doctor can directly see influence of the raised arterial pressure on артериолы. It is supposed, that changes in it are similar to changes in other blood vessels of an organism, for example in kidneys and in a brain. To investigate a retina of an eye, the doctor uses офтальмоскоп (the tool which allows to consider internal structures of an eye). Defining a damage rate of a mesh environment (), the doctor can classify weight of a Hypertension symptoms.

Changes of heart, especially its thickening стенок because of increase of loading at the raised pressure, can be found out at and radiological research of a thorax. In early stages such changes is better come to light by means of an echocardiography (research at which the image of heart receive by means of ultrasonic waves).

Early attributes of damage of kidneys find out first of all at research of urine. Such damage can specify, for example, presence of blood cells and  (type of fiber) in urine.

Surveying the patient, the doctor searches for the reason of the raised arterial pressure, especially at young men though it can be certain less than in 10 % of all cases.

Than above arterial pressure and than is younger the patient, especially extensive diagnostic researches are appointed for definition of the reason of increase of pressure. Inspection can include radiological and Hypertension symptoms research of kidneys, a thorax, and also analyses of blood and urine on the maintenance of some hormones.

To find out disease of kidneys, the doctor all over again asks the patient, specifying, whether were in the past of illness of kidneys. Then during the general survey checks on morbidity area of a waist above kidneys. A stethoscope listens to a wall of a stomach for revealing noise (a sound caused by passage of blood through narrowing in an artery, supplying a kidney). The patient should hand over urine on the analysis, and in case of need to it carry out radiological or ultrasonic research hypertension symptoms vessels and other researches of kidneys.

If the reason of the raised pressure is Hypertension symptoms at urine in the raised quantity there are products of an exchange of hormones of adrenaline and. Increase of quantity of these hormones is usual causes a headache, anxiety, increase or a wrong rhythm of intimate reductions (palpitation), excessive and pallor.

Some rare reasons of increase of arterial pressure find out by means of standard analyses. For example, measurement of a level калия in blood can help to reveal Hypertension symptoms, and measurement of pressure on hands and legs - aortas.


As well as any other somatic disease, a hypertension has the certain semiology of display. For an initial stage of a hypertensia dizzinesses without the visible reasons, and also infringements of a dream (a sleeplessness, uneasiness, discomfort) are characteristic periodically arising weakness, migraine headaches.

Except for arterial hypertension is at us and such not palatable illness, as a pulmonary hypertension. As the arterial hypertension in view of the mass character has got character of national disaster, it is included in the National program.

The very first classification of a hypertension belongs to German doctor Frantsu Folhardu, which else in 1914 has started to subdivide it on red and pale. Here such then there was a primitive attitude to this artful illness.

The doctor tells to readers www.8med.ru about problems with arterial pressure, Hypertension symptoms , discrediting the most widespread myths. As often we abuse the health the Head today stone, temples, as in a vice! Towards evening sways, and all floats before eyes, and heart beats - directly jumps out of a breast! .