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Cardiosclerosis, its displays and principles of treatment

Cardiosclerosis (from Greek «kardia» - "heart" and «sklerosis» - "condensation"; the synonymic name - miocardiosclerosis) - partial replacement of a fabric of a myocardium by a connecting fabric.

Differently, Cardiosclerosis - formation of a cicatricial fabric in a muscle of heart which replaces with itself a myocardium and it is capable to deform valves of heart Hypertension symptoms.

Cardiosclerosis develops in sites of destruction fibres in an outcome, heavy, including developing as a result a myocardium at ischemic illness of heart, in a zone at a heart attack of a myocardium.

Kinds Cardiosclerosis

Cardiosclerosis distinguish:
- diffuse cardiosclerosis
- focal cardiosclerosis

diffuse cardiosclerosis it is characterized by rather uniform distribution of elements of a connecting fabric on all myocardium, develops at uniform defeat of a cardiac musle.

Hypertension symptoms: cicatricia  cardiosclerosis - formation of separate, different sites on size of a cicatricial fabric. Очаговый cardiosclerosis can be expressed as a consequence of the transferred heart attack of a myocardium or, that happens less often, as an outcome of inflammatory process.

Besides depending on the reason of its occurrence, allocate:

- Atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis
- miocardic cardiosclerosis

Atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis it is caused by an atherosclerosis of arteries, blood  heart. It is known, that the heart attack of a myocardium comes to an end with formation рубцов and as the result, develops cardiosclerosis.

cardiosclerosis arises owing to development of in flammatory processes in a cardiac musle. At the people suffering cardiosclerosisом, decrease in working capacity, occurrence of a short wind (at early stages of illness - only during a physical pressure, and at later stages - are observed and at walking).

As displays cardiosclerosisа serve stable аритмии and infringements of intraintimate conductivity, chronic intimate insufficiency. Atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis can cause heart diseases, at it there can be attacks of a stenocardia, and also can develop chronic an aneurysm of heart (выпячивание walls of heart in its place истончения).


For definition of the diagnosis the doctor needs to analyse:

- The anamnesis (data on conditions of a life of the patient, preceded the given disease and also current of disease);
- Stability of displays of intimate insufficiency;
- Stability и hearts;
- Results;
- Results of an echocardiography.

Treatment cardiosclerosisа is directed on:

- Improvement a condition of the kept fibres of a myocardium;
- Liquidation of displays of intimate insufficiency.

In some cases restriction of physical activity can be demanded. Heavy infringements of conductivity can become the indication for implantation кардиостимулятора.

A dietary feed

At cardiosclerosisе it is necessary to adhere to such restrictions in food:

- Restriction of table salt;
- Restriction of a free liquid;
- Exception of the substances raising the central nervous and cardiovascular systems (alcohol, coffee, strong tea, cocoa);
- Exception жареного meat and a fish;
- Exception of garlic, an onions, a garden radish, a radish;
- Exception of the products causing метеоризм (bean, milk, cabbage);
- Restriction of the products containing cholesterol (brains, egg yolks, internal bodies of animals).

That is, dishes prepare without salt, meat and a fish are used in a boiled kind, it is authorized
Hypertension symptoms, vegetables and fruit are used in a crude and boiled kind.

Possible displays cardiosclerosisа, representing risk for a life:

Hypertension symptoms a tachycardia;
- blockade.

The prevention and duly treatment of diseases which outcome is cardiosclerosis, is the best preventive maintenance of its development.


As well as any other somatic disease, a hypertension has the certain semiology of display. For an initial stage of a hypertensia dizzinesses without the visible reasons, and also infringements of a dream (a sleeplessness, uneasiness, discomfort) are characteristic periodically arising weakness, migraine headaches.

Hypertension symptoms
Now in treatment of a Hypertension symptoms are widely enough used, the adonis. Offered recipes and advice will help to improve state of health sick of a Hypertension symptoms.

The very first classification of a hypertension belongs to German doctor Frantsu Folhardu, which else in 1914 has started to subdivide it on red and pale. Here such then there was a primitive attitude to this artful illness.

Arterial hypertension is artful that at an initial stage almost has no symptoms. The diagnosis is established at steady arterial pressure of 140/90 mm hg. Though doctors consider, that pressure of 130/80 mm hg already should be considered guarding