Hypertension symptoms

Information about symptoms of hypertension, prevention and treatment of hypertension.
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Hypertension symptoms, treatment of a hypertension

    The hypertension is a syndrome of increase of arterial pressure. In 90-95 % of cases people suffer hypertension, that is that at which the raised pressure arises not as a by-effect, and is independent, as a result of failure in work of cardiovascular system of the person.

The reason of increase of pressure can be hyperactivity of biological mechanisms which cause narrowing arterial vessels. In other cases is diagnosed - a symptomatic or secondary hypertension. It can be consequence of disease of kidneys, systems and even a by-effect of reception of medical preparations.
Hypertension symptoms, treatment in classical medicine
    Symptoms of a hypertension are known: the raised arterial pressure, constant headaches, irritability, decrease in working capacity, memory impairment and many other things the unpleasant displays, stirring to the person normally to live and work. In modern classical medicine treatment of a hypertension spend medicinal methods more often. Frequently leaves so, that medicines do not give enough long effect, even at their constant reception, and finally cease to operate at all, and the hypertension of all this time progresses. Thus regular reception of preparations leads to an aggravation available and to development of new diseases, especially in case of a symptomatic hypertension.
Hypertension symptoms treatment by methods of east medicine
    The Tibetan medicine and the Chinese medicine treats a hypertension proceeding from the original cause which have served to formation of failure in cardiovascular system and, as the consequence which has caused raised pressure. It can be superfluous activity of a liver and as consequence, dense viscous blood which is heavy "be to pumping over" to heart (дисбаланс the vital beginning - "bile"), it can be and on the contrary - "cooling" of blood on a background of excess weight and the weakened kidneys (the vital beginning - "slime"), as consequence of the first and the second - progressing of an atherosclerosis that conducts to ригидности and an ischemia of vessels, infringement of transport of biological liquids at a fabric level; very often the hypertension demonstrates from long pressure and stresses  (дисбаланс the vital beginning - "wind"), is rather often observed also a combination of the described infringements.
    Thus, having in each case the same complaints and clinical displays - - the raised pressure, treatment of a hypertension are necessary for selecting the core strictly individually, precisely having revealed the reason.
    One of the main stages of treatment of a Hypertension symptoms of increase of pressure is correction of a feed, a way of life of the patient, according to available дисбалансом. In one case it will be increase of elasticity of vessels due to clarification of blood and a liver. In other are will be the actions directed on warming of blood, activization of work of kidneys, deducing of a stagnant lymph and decrease in excess weight. In the third - harmonization of an emotional background, strengthening of nervous system, correction of negative ideas. Thus, the essence of treatment at pressure consists in restoration of internal balance of an organism as the uniform complete system, directed on restoration of balance of three vital beginnings which conducts to correct self-control of activity of an organism and deducing нечистот.
    At a syndrome of increase of pressure treatment in our clinic of east medicine (the center of the Tibetan medicine and the center of the Chinese medicine) includes a complex of the procedures using the diversified methods of reflexotherapy: acupuncture (acupuncture), acupressure , can massage (vacuum therapy), warming up (warming up cigars), a magnetotherapy, in parallel are inside appointed Tibetan or Chinese (herbal medicine), much strengthening effect of the external procedures, clearing blood and the vessels improving a condition nervous, of Hypertension symptoms, work of a liver and kidneys is normalized. At treatment organically and very effectively supplement methods of east medicine (the Tibetan medicine and the Chinese medicine) more modern methods of treatment: therapy, homeopathy, manipulation, psychology and psychotherapy.
Results of treatment of a hypertension
    Thus, the patient sees as a result of treatment not only normal figures arterial pressure upon a dial of a tonometer, but also fine state of health, the sound sleep, a clear head, ease in a body, high working capacity, normalization of biochemical parameters of blood, decrease in surplus of weight.


The regular use of spirits, as is known, lifts a blood pressure, but the effect can depend substantially on age and levels of cholesterol in an organism of the person, has shown research of medical college Hyogo in Japan.

hypertonic illness
The basic attribute of hypertonic illness ( Hypertension symptoms) is increase of arterial pressure owing to the raised pressure of muscles in walls of fine arteries.

It is considered to be, that the HELL 120/80 - normal, and.. 110/60 optimum. or the primary Hypertension symptoms is observed approximately in 90 %, it means, that in overwhelming number of cases the reason of a Hypertension symptoms is unknown.

As has shown the national review, 81 percent of Americans is used with different forms of correction of sight, but nevertheless 26 % of the population of the country did not visit the oculist within last two years. Besides deterioration of sight can be an initial symptoms of hypertension , diabetes, a tumour of a brain, a cancer, cardiovascular diseases and a multiple sclerosis.