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Hypertension: Treatment Hypertension symptoms

   The hypertension (the hypertonic illness, the raised arterial pressure, эссенциальная a hypertensia) together with boundary hypertension makes nearby 80 - 85 % of all cases of increase the HELL.

   The reasons and mechanisms of formation of illness up to the end not. The majority of researchers give crucial importance to a combination of hereditary predisposition to influence of some external factors.

Hyperactivity of the maximum vegetative centers и~и infringement of deposition in sympathetic Терминалях creates preconditions to occurrence of an arterial hypertensia of boundary type. Defects or Hypertension Symptoms of hypertension - a way to transition of a boundary hypertensia in hypertonic illness, т. е. To fastening - a system arterial hypertensia as steady and progressing disease. Actually этиологические factors, at driving in action complex and diverse mechanisms of increase the HELL, are studied less full. F.Lang puts forward the theory about a main role in becoming hypertonic illness of a mental overstrain and mental травматизации. Another. The possible reason of illness - « the salt factor » (the role of ions Na in reactions is established).

   A number of authors относяг to the category of "reasons" of Hypertension symptoms illness adiposity; epidemiological researches confirm presence of communication between a degree of adiposity and the raised arterial pressure, however the increase in weight of a body should be carried to number contributing, than actually causal factors more likely.

   Hypertension symptoms, current. Disease rather seldom begins at persons 30 years are younger and 60 years (the steady and raised arterial pressure at the young man - the basis for persevering search symptomatic hypertension are more senior; high систолическое pressure at normal or lowered диастолическом pressure at persons of advanced age is often connected with atherosclerotic condensation of an aorta), proceeds chronically - with the periods of deterioration and improvement. Distinguish slowly (good-quality) and quickly progressing current. At slow progressing disease passes 3 stages.

   The first stage (easy) is characterized by rather small rises, the HELL within the limits of 160 - 179 mm hg for систолического, 95 - 104 mm hg - for диастолического pressure. The level of pressure is very unstable, during rest gradually there comes its spontaneous normalization, but disease is already fixed and inevitably comes back. Patients mainly disturb headaches, noise in a head, infringement of a dream, decrease in intellectual working capacity. Occasionally there are not system dizzinesses, носовые bleedings. Usually there are no attributes of a hypertrophy left желудочка, the electrocardiogram differs from normal a little, passing narrowing артериол on eye day can come to light; functions are not broken.

    The second stage (average) Hypertension symptoms differs from previous higher and steady level the HELL which is in rest within the limits of 180-200 mm hg for систолического and 105-114 mm hg for диастолического pressure. For, this stage Hypertension symptoms crisises are more typical. As a rule, come to light (rentgen 1:1 on an electrocardiogram) attributes of a hypertrophy left желудочка, easing 1 tone and changeable 111 tone at a top of heart, accent 11 tones on an aorta is defined. From ЦНС various displays of vascular insufficiency, транзиторные an ischemia of a brain are marked, brain insults in which basis the atherosclerosis of vessels often lays are possible. On eye day, besides narrowing артериол, are observed сдавления veins, their expansion. Analyses of urine usually have no deviations from norm, however a blood-groove and speed клубочковой filtrations are lowered.

   The third stage (heavy) corresponds to that period of disease when in various bodies are formed changes; the atherosclerosis of larger vessels, in particular aortas, coronal arteries of heart, the main arteries of a brain, почечных and other arteries simultaneously progresses. The HELL reaches a high level: 200-230/115-129 mm Are hg possible rises of pressure and above the specified limits that is quite often accompanied by a picture of a Hypertension symptoms crisis. Spontaneous normalization the HELL does not happen.

   The clinical picture is defined by depth of defeat so-called органов-targets: hearts (an angina pectoris, a heart attack of a myocardium, sharp or chronic лево-желудочковая insufficiency), a brain (ischemic and геморрагические heart attacks, эн-цефалопатия), an eye bottom (11-111 types), kidneys (decrease a blood-groove, клубочковой filtrations, small. At some patients, despite of significant and steady increase the HELL, for many years is not observed heavy vascular complications.

   Distinguish some -biochemical variants or forms of Hypertension symptoms. Гиперадренергическая the form is more often observed in an initial stage of hypertonic illness, the HELL with prevalence систолической hypertensia, потливостью, reddening of the person, sensation of patients of pulsations in a head, сердцебиений, a fever, alarm, an internal pressure is characterized by a tachycardia, high unstable. Вазоспастическая (ангиотензинэависимая} the form differs high pressure with reduction пульсовой amplitudes, retinas Ш of type, small протеинурией, frequent vascular complications. The volume (sodium) эависимую the form is possible to distinguish to such attributes as swell a century and persons in the mornings, swelling of hands, онемение fingers, паресгезии; колебаниялиуреза with passing олигурией; sometimes it is possible to reveal precise communication between increase of arterial pressure and the use of patients before salty food and a plenty of a liquid; Intimate and brain attacks arise often.

   For diagnostics of Hypertension symptoms illness and its differentiation with симптомати-ческими hypertensia in conditions of a polyclinic are necessary: 1) repeated measurements the HELL on a shoulder and a hip, in position costing and laying, 2) definition of the neurologic status; 3) research of an eye bottom, 4) the analysis wet, 5) an electrocardiogram, 6) radiological research of heart and an aorta, 7) рентгенография skulls and a cervical department поэвоночника (under indications), 8) crop wet also consultation of the urologist (at. Necessities). In therapeutic branch of large hospital in addition define concentration of ions калия and sodium in plasma of blood, daily allowances з, spend secretory urography, isotope, scanning of kidneys (under indications).

   Treatment of a Hypertension symptoms. Patients with Il-III a stage of disease require in constant леченни, practically during ' all life. In 1 stage of illness it is admissible. Faltering, course treatment if it is effective. Conditions of success of therapy: a rational mode of labour activity and the rest, defined by the doctor together with patients, restriction of table salt up to 4-5 г in day; at склониости To a delay of water quantity salt can be reduced up to 3 г in day, Total of a consumed liquid - 1,2-1,5 л in day. If patients often accept диуретики their водно-salt diet can dig is expanded. At adiposity restriction in a diet fats is obligatory. Medicinal treatment takes the basic place in complex therapy of hypertonic illness II - III stages. Leading value have диуретики (), симпатолитические means and peripheral. Selection of medicines and their dozes, combinations предаратов is individual. It is necessary to consider, that persons about volume (sodium) the dependent form of illness are especially pliable to диуретикам.

    At Hypertension symptoms in 1 stage of illness, besides sedatives (bromides, tranquilizers, etc.), widely. Apply preparations and бета-адренергических receptors. The first назвачаются in the form of or its analogues. The doze does not exceed 0,25 mg for unitary reception for the night. After decrease the HELL a doze резерпина reduce up to 0,1 mg to night. Even at such dozes by-effects (drowsiness, depression courses, etc.) are observed, Therefore during remission treatment резерпином better temporarily to interrupt. (propranolol, индерал, обзидан) or () 2-4 times a day appoint on 10-20 mg; гипотензивный the effect comes slowly, more often in the end of l-th - the middle of 2-nd week. a rhythm can precede гипотензивному to effect. For не-which patients even in 1 stage of illness the specified dozes бета-адреноблокаторов can be insufficient: in these cases either increase a doze, or add in the scheme of treatment гипотиазид on 50 100 mg once in 5 - 7 days.

   At treatment of Hypertension symptoms of illness of II stage the combination of medical products almost always is required, is usual two, sometimes three. It is necessarily used диуретик гипотиазид (50 100 mg) which patients accept or every day, or with breaks from 1 till 3 days. Instead of гипотиазида others can at vary салуретики. Extends means: анаприлин up to 160 mg a day, divided into 2-4 receptions, or метипдофа (альдометгпо 250 mg 1-3 times day, or clonidine on 0,1-0,15 mg 1-3 times a day. Increase of dozes of these preparations make gradually depending on individual sensitivity of patients. At presence of contra-indications to another (diabetes) appoint on 25 mg of 2-6 times a day. In the scheme of treatment add 3-rd preparation - peripheral вазодилататор - in the event that the combination диуретика with симпатолитиком is insufficiently effective or, at impossibility to raise a doze симпатолитика up to a necessary level. As peripheral вазодилататора use апрессин (гидралазин) on 25 mg 2-4 times a day. Preservation of high dozes depends on the reached result. During normalization or distinct downturn number of medicines and their dozes reduce the HELL gradually; a sudden cancelling of a preparation (especially clonidine!) sometimes leads гипертоничeскому to a crisis.

   Problem of treatment of a hypertension in 111 stages - besides obligatory downturn the HELL - constant maintenance of coronal and brain blood circulation, сократительной сипы a myocardium at a satisfactory level. Usually. Appoint at once 3 preparations: диуретик [on 100 mg daily, on 50 100 mg in a day, (бринальдикс) on 20 () on 100-150 mg daily], [160-200 mg a day, метилдофа on 750-1000 mg day, clonidine on 0,45-0,6 mg a day, октадин (гуанетидин, изобарин) unitary in the mornings in gradually increasing doze from 25 up to 75 mg a day], peripheral вазодилататор (апрессин on 25 mg of 4-6 times a day, on 5 мr 4 разав day, працозин on 1 2 mg 3 times a day). The Most effective scheme - a combination гипотиазида, propranolol (or other run-) and: By means of this combination at correctly picked up dozes можио at the majority sick of hypertonic illness to achieve normalization or decrease the HELL, not being afraid the collapses peculiar to action октадина.

   The FORECAST. Long-term epidemiological supervision show, what even the moderate increases increase the HELL in some times danger of a brain insult and a heart attack of a myocardium in the future. Frequency of vascular complications depends on age in which the person falls ill with a Hypertension symptoms; the forecast for young persons отягощен more, than for ill in the middle age. At men of young and average years in 1 stage of disease the forecast is less favorable, than at women. Current and an outcome of disease are influenced with a level and stability the HELL, speed прогреесирования an atherosclerosis, accompanying diseases (diabetes). The early beginning of therapy and the effective constant control of a level the HELL considerably improve the forecast.


The world day of struggle against a hypertension which is spent since 2005 under the initiative of the World league of struggle against hypertension , in it to year passed under the slogan Salt and high arterial pressure: two silent murderers .

hypertonic illness
The basic attribute of hypertonic illness ( Hypertension symptoms) is increase of arterial pressure owing to the raised pressure of muscles in walls of fine arteries.

It is considered to be, that the HELL 120/80 - normal, and.. 110/60 optimum. or the primary Hypertension symptoms is observed approximately in 90 %, it means, that in overwhelming number of cases the reason of a Hypertension symptoms is unknown.

Such complications are connected with an arterial hypertension , as heart attacks, insults, development of intimate insufficiency, infringement of a rhythm of heart. Therefore preventive maintenance and treatment of an arterial Hypertension symptoms in Ukraine is very important