Hypertension symptoms

Information about symptoms of hypertension, prevention and treatment of hypertension.
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Hypertension symptoms, treatment of a hypertension

For treatment of a hypertension and other diseases of cardiovascular system we offer you cardiac gathering and hypertonic gathering.
Way of preparation: 2 items of the spoon (8-10 гр.) gathering to fill in 0,5 л. Boiled water to insist 1,5 hours. To drink on 0,5 glasses 3 times a day for 30 minutes up to meal. One packing of medicinal gathering in weight 100 гр. It is calculated on 15 days of reception.
Course of treatment: For treatment of a hypertension and preventive maintenance of an atherosclerosis it is necessary 150 гр. Intimate and 150 гр. Hypertonic gathering. To alternate reception of gathering each two weeks.

Treatment of a hypertension
Under a Hypertension symptoms, or an arterial hypertensia, understand increase of a tone of arterial vessels. Consequence of it is increase of arterial pressure which entails various pathological changes in bodies and systems of an organism.

Hypertension symptoms - very widespread disease; usually it develops after 40 years, more often at women. The hypertension develops slowly; begins with periodic headaches, palpitation; the blood pressure becomes unstable. Then there are онемение fingers of hands and legs, rushes of blood to a head, a bad dream, flashing of "front sights" before eyes, fast exhaustion, increase of a blood pressure becomes proof, in vessels by this time there are sclerous changes. This stage lasts some years. At the further development in the patient it is found out intimate or insufficiency, infringement of brain blood circulation.
At the started form of disease very serious consequences, for example, such as a heart attack of a myocardium, an insult are possible. In most cases it leads to full loss of working capacity. At especially started form the hypertension symptoms can lead to death. One of the main reasons of occurrence of hypertonic disease it is excessive weariness, experiences and stresses.
The reasons of a hypertension
Also it is possible to carry hereditary predisposition and negative influence to the reasons of occurrence of a hypertension on an organism of an environment. The more often the person experiences stressful situations, the it is more probability of occurrence in it than first attributes of a hypertension, especially it concerns those who lives in the big city. This disease is not so dangerous if in time to begin treatment, however the majority of patients do not pay to it due attention.
Normal for the adult person it is considered the pressure which is not exceeding 140/90 mm hg the Condition at which arterial pressure is defined in a range from 140/90 mm hg up to 160/95 mm hg, refers to boundary. At such arterial pressure probably further progressing of pathological symptoms with development of the expressed picture of an arterial hypertensia.
It is necessary to remind, what even at the healthy person under certain conditions the level of arterial pressure raises, but soon comes to norm. In a healthy organism of fluctuation of arterial pressure do not lead to development of adverse situations.
If the level of arterial pressure is equal, or above 160/95 mm hg speak about the raised arterial pressure (hypertension).
In practice doctors subdivide this condition into hypertonic illness and a symptomatic arterial hypertensia.
Hypertonic illness is chronic disease systems. Unequivocally till now it is not possible to establish the reasons leading development of hypertonic illness. It is known, that the leading part in it plays infringement of function the maximum nervous сосудодвигательных the centers, leading failure arterial pressure.

Risk factors of development of a hypertension:
Superfluous weight of a body;
Bad habits (smoking, the use of alcohol);
Advanced age;
Infringement of work nervous and эндокринной systems;
Diseases hypotalamus;
Industrial harm (noise and vibration);
The transferred illnesses of kidneys;
Sharp and chronic emotional stresses;
Craniocereberal trauma;
Long intellectual overstrain;
Age нейроэндокринная reorganization;
Abusing I shall merge.
For development of a symptomatic arterial hypertensia by obligatory conditions diseases or damages of some bodies which accept direct participation in regulation of arterial pressure are.
1. Почечная the form of an arterial hypertensia can be caused:
Defeat most substances (at such diseases, as , a pyelonephritis, a tuberculosis, etc.);
Defeat почечных vessels (at an atherosclerosis почечной arteries, a thrombosis, narrowing, traumas, hematomas, etc.);
Congenital anomalies of kidneys and мочевыводящих ways.
2. Endocrin the form is marked at defeats эндокринных желез or hormonal reorganization of an organism.
3. Hemodinamic the form. The raised pressure is fixed at defeat of heart and large vessels at an atherosclerosis of an aorta, narrowing of large arteries, heart diseases, etc.
4. neurogen the form. Increase of pressure is caused by disease of nervous system at defeat of brain vessels, энцефалитах, полиневритах.
Symptomatic hypertensions make about 20 % of all cases of the raised pressure. Thus most often meets arterial гипер-тензия почечного origins.
Symptoms of a hypertension.
The main symptom of an arterial hypertensia - the raised arterial pressure (above 160/95 mm hg). Increase of arterial pressure can be accompanied by a headache, dizziness, flashing before eyes of front sights, spots, circles, decrease in visual acuity. Are possible occurrence be ill in the field of heart, sensation of palpitation and faults in work of heart. During increase of pressure the feeling of heat can join, the person and other sites of a leather redden, then on them sweat acts. Finitenesses, on the contrary, have property to grow cold.
At later stages of illness symptoms of insufficiency of blood circulation join: cyanosis of a tip of a nose, fingers (акроцианоз), hypostases, a short wind at physical activity, and in due course and in rest.
For the doctor do not remain not noticed and other Hypertension symptoms of an arterial hypertension: increase in the sizes of heart, change of its tones at auscultation.
In process of progressing disease there are attributes of defeat of a brain, kidneys.
At symptomatic increase of arterial pressure alongside with symptoms actually a high pressure symptoms of the basic disease which has led to development of a hypertensia are found out.
Complications of a hypertension. Under influence of a high pressure atherosclerotic process in walls of vessels develops much more quickly. Numerous supervision of doctors testify, that in an organism of the people suffering from raised pressure, atherosclerotic damages of vessels many times more quickly develop. It in turn leads to development of such complications, as heart attacks and insults. These conditions are the reasons of death of people suffering by a hypertension more often.
The changed walls of vessels are easily deformed, that raises probability of development aneurysms - thin-walled мешочка, a vascular wall. At physical activity, the next increase of pressure of an aneurysm it can be broken off, that will lead to a haemorrhage or even a bleeding. On such mechanism can develop геморрагические insults.
Damage of coronary vessels is the reason of development ишемичес-which illnesses of heart (?БС), one of which complications is the heart attack of a myocardium. In overwhelming majority of cases heart attacks of a myocardium develop on a background of increase of arterial pressure.
Consequence of defeat of peripheral vessels at a high pressure can be and an alternating lameness which arises at infringement of blood supply of legs.
The first target of arterial pressure is heart. The cardiac musle is overloaded because is compelled to work with the raised loading. In due course it leads to its hypertrophy (increase in muscular weight), and soon and to дилатации (to expansion of cavities of heart). Subsequently heart ceases to cope with loading, that leads to development of insufficiency of blood circulation as on a small circle (that is shown by a short wind, кровохарканьем), and on big (that is shown by Hypertension symptoms of finitenesses and). These consequences (ischemic illness of heart and stagnant intimate insufficiency) are the most frequent reasons of death of patients with the raised pressure.
Other dangerous consequence of a high pressure is development of brain complications. It is corking of a gleam of a brain artery by a blood clot or atherosclerotic бляшкой, an intrabrain haemorrhage (ишемичес-кий or геморрагический an insult) and development of an encephalopathy.
If the raised pressure exists some years are long, for example, in vessels of a retina of an eye inevitably there are dot haemorrhages, adjournment of cholesterol. It leads to infringement of blood supply, result of that is the degeneration, ретинопатия. Thus the fine arteries changed by an atherosclerosis are extended, bent, squeeze the fine venous vessels located near to them. The congestion экссудата is as a result formed, the hypostasis of a disk of an optic nerve is formed. It can lead to turbidity of sight, occurrence (defect in sight eyes), and sometimes and to blindness.
Other dangerous consequence of the raised pressure is infringement of function of kidneys. At the majority of patients sclerous defeat почечных arteries and capillaries клубочков develops, that leads to reduction клубочковой to a filtration. Gradually develops, and at absence of treatment - insufficiency. Insufficiency - terrible complication which leads to death of each tenth patient with an arterial hypertension.


The world day of struggle against a hypertension which is spent since 2005 under the initiative of the World league of struggle against hypertension , in it to year passed under the slogan Salt and high arterial pressure: two silent murderers .

Except for arterial hypertension is at us and such not palatable illness, as a pulmonary hypertension. As the arterial hypertension in view of the mass character has got character of national disaster, it is included in the National program.

The very first classification of a hypertension belongs to German doctor Frantsu Folhardu, which else in 1914 has started to subdivide it on red and pale. Here such then there was a primitive attitude to this artful illness.

As has shown the national review, 81 percent of Americans is used with different forms of correction of sight, but nevertheless 26 % of the population of the country did not visit the oculist within last two years. Besides deterioration of sight can be an initial symptoms of hypertension , diabetes, a tumour of a brain, a cancer, cardiovascular diseases and a multiple sclerosis.