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Information about symptoms of hypertension, prevention and treatment of hypertension.
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What is the hypertension?

Hypertension are diseases which main symptoms is high arterial pressure which reasons consider nervously-functional infringement of a tone of vessels. More often the given disease meets at people whom for 40, but recently the Hypertension, it is appreciable on "looked younger", and meets at people at different age. Hypertensions both the man, and women equally suffer. The Hypertension symptoms is considered one of the main reasons of physical inability, together with death rate, at people with diseases by cardiovascular system.

The reasons of a hypertension and risk factors
The reason of a Hypertension symptoms is frequent, long psychological loadings, long stressful situations. Often reason for occurrence of a hypertension, happens work at which execution the person is in a constant emotional pressure. Also the high probability of a hypertension at people who have transferred a brain concussion, hereditary predisposition can be one of the reasons of occurrence of a hypertension if in a sort someone suffered such disease the probability of development of a hypertension increases in some times.
One of the main reasons of Hypertension symptoms can be гиподинамия. With the years, when older persons I start to get an atherosclerosis, and age changes of vessels start to occur, occurrence of a hypertension can aggravate an atherosclerosis, having forced it to progress. This dangerous enough phenomenon as at a strong angiospasm, access of blood to a brain, heart and kidneys becomes critically small. If on walls of blood vessels are present бляшки at a strong angiospasm, blood can absolutely cease to act to the vital bodies and to circulate on arteries. In it cases there comes a heart attack of a myocardium or an insult.
Women the reason of a Hypertension symptoms can have a period of reorganization of an organism, i.e. at a climax. Table salt and if to be more precisely sodium containing in it, and also smoking, abusing alcohol and excess weight promote increase of loading on cardiovascular system what to not eat well.

Symptoms of a hypertension
The main symptom of a hypertension is the headache, it is the result of narrowing, an angiospasm of a brain. Also frequent symptoms of a hypertension, noise in ears, летание "front sights" before eyes, a veil before eyes, the general weakness, infringement of a dream, dizziness, heavy feeling in a head, strong palpitation. Such symptoms happen at an early stage of hypertonic illness, and have neurotic character. At later stage of a hypertension, there can be an intimate insufficiency, owing to constant overfatigue of a cardiac musle, because of a high pressure. From progressing disease process, decrease in visual acuity is possible, possible defeats of vessels in a head brain, from high arterial pressure, it can lead in some cases to a paralysis, decrease in sensitivity of finitenesses it is the result of an angiospasm, haemorrhages or a thrombosis.

What is the hypertonic crisises?
Hypertonic crisises this one of versions of a hypertension. When arterial pressure sharply raises, there are all above listed symptoms, but the nausea, the vomiting raised потливость, downturn of sight is still added. Such Crisises I can, will rely on time from several minutes till several o'clock. And such condition of patients complain of strong palpitation, they are raised, and are whining. In this condition strongly speeded up pulse is marked, on cheeks of the patient there can be red spots, in current of such attack can sometimes be plentiful enough мочеиспускание or a liquid chair. There are such crisises, more often after a strong emotional overstrain at women during a climax, in second half of day or at night.
There is one more kind of a hypertonic crisis which has heavier current, its development gradual, and on time long enough, can reach from 4 o'clock up to 5. Such kind of a crisis arises at later stages of development of hypertonic illness and as rules it occurs on a background of superfluous arterial pressure more often. Such kind of a crisis, is very often accompanied by brain symptoms, for example: there can be an infringement of speech, failure in sensitivity of finitenesses, also such crisis is accompanied by a strong intimate pain.

Stages of a hypertension
3 stages of a hypertension are noted:
1 - the Stage this arterial pressure 140 - 159/90 - 99 mm hg
At current of this stage, pressure can come back from time to time to normal parameters then again to rise.
2 Stage this arterial pressure, which колеблется within the limits of 160 - 179/100 - 109 mm hg
At this stage pressure often is understood, and very seldom comes back to normal parameters.
3 Stage it when pressure rises up to 180 and above / ON mm hg
At current of this stage, pressure keeps almost constantly high, and its decrease can be an attribute of failure in work of heart.
Hypertonic illness needs to start to be treated at 1-st stage as after it перерастёт in 2 и3 a stage, treatment will be much more complex.

Diet at a hypertension
The diet at a Hypertension symptoms consists that it is necessary to exclude from a food allowance first of all all жаренное, products rich with cholesterol, to use as small as possible sweet, fresh bread replace with crackers or whenever possible fig.
It is useful to use those products which will promote detention of development of an atherosclerosis. For example, various fruit, dairy products in particular curdled milk, whey and cottage cheese. Also to useful products concern: fiber egg, a beef, варенная and peas. Products with the maintenance of vitamin "With" should be as it is possible big, to such products concern: an onions green, a currant black, lemons and a garden radish.
Such diet at a hypertension will help you to lower a level of toxins saved up in an organism. The use salt should be minimal, i.e. not exceed 3 gram, or half of 1 teaspoon a day, and it is better, if you in general refuse salt.


absolutely healthy
That who considers itself absolutely healthy, it is recommended to measure pressure not less often than time in 3 months. To the people, suffering Hypertension symptoms.

hypertonic illness
The basic attribute of hypertonic illness ( Hypertension symptoms) is increase of arterial pressure owing to the raised pressure of muscles in walls of fine arteries.

The very first classification of a hypertension belongs to German doctor Frantsu Folhardu, which else in 1914 has started to subdivide it on red and pale. Here such then there was a primitive attitude to this artful illness.

The doctor tells to readers www.8med.ru about problems with arterial pressure, Hypertension symptoms , discrediting the most widespread myths. As often we abuse the health the Head today stone, temples, as in a vice! Towards evening sways, and all floats before eyes, and heart beats - directly jumps out of a breast! .