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Hypertension, symptoms of a hypertension, the reason of a hypertension

It represents the most widespread form of an arterial hypertension at which the core and the main display of pathological process is increase of the arterial pressure arising primarily, before change of internal bodies and systems. At the same time, increase of arterial pressure can be considered as consequence of infringement of function of the central nervous system which adjusts a level of arterial pressure. It is simultaneously possible to note, that finally reasons and mechanisms of formation of hypertonic illness are not studied. The significant part of experts allocates paramount, defining value of the hereditary predisposition, capable to be shown at the certain combination of adverse factors. Very often it is possible to note transition of an arterial hypertension symptom in hypertonic illness at infringements of exchange processes in kidneys.

A number of researchers puts forward the theory about a main role in becoming hypertonic illness of a mental overstrain and mental травматизаций. One of the reasons which till now takes seriously, the salt factor is. It is understood as adverse action of ions of sodium. Many experts carry to the category of the reasons of hypertonic illness also adiposity, that in general proves to be true supervision and presence of communication between a degree of adiposity and increase of arterial pressure is marked; though the given factor can be carried to contributing, rather than causal more. It is necessary to note, that in a countryside where much less various раздражителей and air is purer, hypertonic illness meets much less often, than in city. It is noticed, that the above психо-emotional loadings on work, the there is a hypertonic illness is more often. The persons, suffering hypertonic illness, differ the vigorous, active, strong-willed character, often transferring an overstrain, overfatigue of psychological character that leads to infringement of exchange processes in an organism. By experts it is noted, that at such people noticeably decreases почечный a blood-groove as the result of reduction почечных vessels, as leads to increase of arterial pressure. In brief having characterized the reasons of occurrence of hypertonic illness we shall stop on clinical aspects of the given disease. First of all we shall remind, that normal arterial pressure makes at persons in the age of from 17 till 40 years - 140/90 mm hg, and from 41 till 60 years - 150/90 mm hg Periodic increase of these sizes testifies to adverse shifts in an organism. In due course, usually it happens not earlier than 30 years, increase of arterial pressure becomes proof and certain. Slowly progressing (good-quality) and quickly progressing (malignant) current of hypertonic illness which can be divided into 3 stages is marked.
For the first stage of illness hypertension symptoms rather small rises of arterial pressure (160-170/95-104 mm hg) are characteristic. Patients usually disturb headaches, noise in a head, infringement of a dream, decrease in intellectual working capacity, sometimes dizzinesses, носовые bleedings. The electrocardiogram more often without changes.
The second stage is characterized by more proof and high level of arterial pressure (180-200/105-114 mm hg). At this stage at patients hypertonic crisises are already marked, on the electrocardiogram and рентгенологически attributes of a hypertrophy left желудочка hearts, changes from the central nervous system come to light, brain insults are possible. From kidneys decrease почечного a blood-groove and клубочковой filtrations is quite often marked.
Gradually there is a coronary insufficiency with characteristic attacks of a stenocardia which reason is the atherosclerosis of arteries. Such patients are disturbed often with a short wind at physical activity, and in far come case there are attacks of an intimate asthma with cough. At this third stage arterial pressure reaches the highest parameters (200-230/115-129 mm hg).
During later periods illness is burdened by insufficiency right желудочка, the liver increases, there are hypostases, concentration ability and a delay of nitrogenous slags kidneys that is connected with почечным an atherosclerosis decreases. According to defeat of kidneys symptoms of defeat of an eye bottom develop.
As show the practical supervision, even the moderate increase of arterial pressure increases in some times danger of a brain insult and a heart attack of a myocardium in the future. The opportunity of vascular complications in many respects depends on age in which the person falls ill with hypertonic illness. Current and an outcome of disease are influenced essentially also with a level and stability of arterial pressure, progressing of the atherosclerosis, accompanying diseases. More favorable forecast at those patients who begin treatment earlier and support preventive therapy under the constant control of arterial pressure.


The regular use of spirits, as is known, lifts a blood pressure, but the effect can depend substantially on age and levels of cholesterol in an organism of the person, has shown research of medical college Hyogo in Japan.

Hypertension symptoms
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