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Under pressure (hypertension symptoms )

In days of a serious economic crisis stress test all. It is a lot of reasons of it: fear to lose work, uncertainty in tomorrow, the general intensity in a society. Someone complains of a headache, someone even more often catches at heart, at someone pressure skips. But, it appears, often we write off the chronic sores to which never gave due attention and which during this period receive long-awaited chance loudly on stress to declare ourselves.

·The senior lecturer of faculty of internal illnesses BGMU tells about stress and an arterial hypertension symptoms to the correspondent «BelNewspaper» Elena Belskaja.

Danger is represented with frequent and long psychological overloads. The excessive emotional stress raises activity sympato-adrenal and rennin-angiotensive systems and leads to increase of arterial pressure which can longer be kept actions of the most stressful stimulus. In the further under action of other contributing factors proof increase of arterial pressure leads to development of an arterial hypertension symptoms which name stress-induced.

- Who is more inclined to an arterial hypertension symptoms?

- Occurrence and development of illness are influenced by two greater groups of factors - operated and uncontrollable. Bad habits concern to operated factors - smoking, the excessive use of alcohol, low physical activity, a unbalanced feed (it is a lot of salt in a diet, there are not enough fruit and vegetables), superfluous weight of a body. Uncontrollable factors - genetic predisposition, age and a floor.

At hereditary predisposition the probability of occurrence of hypertension symptoms, certainly, is great. But nobody speaks about « an absolute guarantee ». Any should concern closely and carefully to the health, and at hereditary predisposition - especially. An arterial hypertension symptoms very widespread illness: everyone is ill approximately the third. To reveal it it is possible simple and easy way - to measure arterial pressure. To start to supervise it it is necessary as soon as possible. At early stages of development of an arterial hypertension symptoms improvement of a way of life, refusal of bad habits can prevent its further progressing.

- Modern people consider alcohol and smoking as some kind of energizers, especially at stress...

Is an error or self-deception. Smoking is one of primary factors of risk of development of an arterial hypertension symptoms. Moreover, today we have conclusive proofs of more frequent development in smoking people of ischemic illness of heart, intimate insufficiency, atherosclerotic defeat of vessels, chronic obstructive illness of easy and oncological diseases. Alcohol possesses weak vasodilating action, but in an organism it decays on water and ацетальдегид - the strongest oxidizer rendering toxic influence on a liver, a brain, kidneys, etc. Prevalence of an arterial hypertension symptoms is in direct dependence on the use of alcohol. Increase the HELL is registered not in a phase of intoxication, and in a phase of a hang-over, and increase can be significant. Very often in a phase of a hang-over the hypertonic crisis complicated by a heart attack of a myocardium, an insult, пароксизмом vibrating аритмии develops. Is not that so, too high price for minute euphoria?

- I.e. the hypertension symptoms comes to light already at a stage of complications when heart or other bodies are amazed is more often?

Is depends on that, how much the person of loves. If it appreciates the health will listen to the state of health, will measure pressure at an indisposition. And if it has hereditary preconditions to illness, it at the first symptoms will address to the doctor.

- And what first symptoms of a hypertension symptoms?

- It is a lot of them. And not always it is a headache as it is considered to be. It can be the dizziness, noise in ears, weight behind a brest, носовые bleedings, faults of heart, a short wind. At early stages the hypertension symptoms in general can practically proceed бессимптомно, but is imperceptible for the person already there is a defeat of so-called bodies-targets - a brain, heart, vessels, eyes and kidneys.

At strong and sudden increase of pressure in arteries can develop so-called мешотчатое expansion - an aneurysm. At uncontrollable pressure aneurysms are broken off, leading to a bleeding, a haemorrhage, a thrombosis. At long high the HELL the muscular layer of arteries утолщается, progresses atherosclerotic defeat of a vessel - adjournment cholesteric бляшек. As a result the vascular gleam is narrowed. And the already a vessel, the above pressure. Besides the vessel with atherosclerotic defeat cannot transport necessary quantity of blood to this or that body. Insufficient blood supply of body refers to as an ischemia. Ischemic illness of heart, a brain, kidneys, etc. Frequent displays of ischemic illness of heart - a heart attack, a stenocardia, infringement of a rhythm and attributes of progressing intimate insufficiency develops. The ischemia of a brain conducts to insults, транзиторным to ischemic attacks (i.e. to attacks of dizziness down to loss of consciousness). The ischemia of kidneys generates почечную insufficiency - due to change of structure of a kidney. The ischemia of eyes is, as a rule, the falling of visual acuity connected with defeat of vessels of a retina.

- It was necessary to hear about such widespread defeat of heart, as a hypertrophy left желудочка. What is such?

- So heart adapts to the raised pressure: to pump over blood with the strengthened loading, an organism «утолщает» a cardiac musle. It, by the way, frequently first and very terrible complication at an arterial hypertension symptoms. The hypertrophy left желудочка can lead to development of infringements of a rhythm and intimate insufficiency which is shown by a short wind and hypostases.

- We shall admit, to you the patient with the raised pressure has come. What tactics of treatment? You study a condition of bodies-targets?

- First of all it is necessary to specify, whether really it is a hypertension symptoms, instead of « a syndrome of a white dressing gown ». If the patient emotional reaction to survey of the doctor can be shown by increase of pressure. It is necessary to specify figures of pressure at measurement in house conditions. The modern person should have houses not only the thermometer, but also a tonometer, and to be able to measure correctly arterial pressure.

- You could recommend what tonometers to our readers for house use?

-buy the device which presume to itself financially, and in the places having the license for sale of tonometers, - in drugstores or shops медтехники. There there are advisers who will help to pick up the qualitative device convenient for you, will tell about features of this or that device. For measurement the HELL today is a lot of devices. Qualitative devices pass special certification on conformity to the international requirements. In the Belarus market have well proved and tonometers of the Swiss company have the deserved reputation.

- And what tonometers are more exact - mechanical or electronic?

- Both those and others have the right to a life. At independent measurement the HELL by means of the mechanical devices demanding forcing of air in a cuff manually, it is impossible to accept a convenient pose and to relax. Therefore the preference is given electronic devices (semi-automatic and automatic) which differ simplicity of use and do not demand skills аускультации.

- The some people consider, that the electronic tonometer is ostensibly less exact, than « checked up by time » mechanical …

- On the contrary, electronic tonometers are very exact and define the HELL to within 1 mm hg

Should notice, that tonometers of the Swiss company have two technical improvements which allow to observe all rules of the European association on an arterial hypertension symptoms. Once the first electronic tonometers were not recommended patients with infringement of an intimate rhythm (with vibrating аритмией, экстрасистолией). In modern tonometers of the Swiss company by means of built in technology PAD there is diagnostics аритмии and at revealing infringements of a rhythm on the display высвечивается a sign on an electrocardiogram. Besides these tonometers are equipped by technology of MUMS which allows to calculate optimum result of measurement of arterial pressure.

- Use in tonometers of such technologies, in your opinion, meets all requirements of cardiologists?

- Yes. It would be desirable to remind once again of necessity of regular measurement of the pressure, allowing to not pass the first displays of a hypertension symptoms and to not admit defeat of bodies-targets. As often I should meet patients who have passed a side behind which defeat of heart becomes irreversible, and to hear their full griefs and regrets of a word: « the Doctor if I knew earlier, I before would not finish! » The medicine has a huge spectrum of the preparations allowing effectively to supervise the HELL and rendering органопротективное action.

- Means, to any person inclined to raised pressure or suffering hypertension symptoms, it is necessary not only to have « in a stock » a tablet, but also the nobility, which tablets to it approach …

- Certainly. At each patient the case record, therefore universal recommendations do not approach. It is impossible to accept tablets which help neighbours! Perhaps, will help, and can, and will do much harm.

- Local therapists are how much competent of this hard problem?

- Local therapists - competent and responsible doctors, they well know methods of preventive maintenance and treatment. An another matter, that for 12 minutes of polyclinic reception hardly it is possible to capture all breadth of a problem. The success of treatment depends not only on the doctor. Regretfully it is necessary to ascertain, that some patients do not have responsibility for own health, smoking and abusing alcohol, low adherence to treatment, refusal of medical supervision and асоциальное behaviour, a low level of knowledge is widely widespread.

- The patient too should be interested both health, and modern methods of its preservation …

- Yes, in fact complications of many illnesses occur from medical illiteracy of patients. Doctors appoint treatment, but, as a rule, only third of patients observes all recommendations. The arterial hypertension symptoms is not treated by unitary reception of a tablet. To lower pressure and to protect bodies-targets, preparations it is necessary to accept all life. « As! I all life shall drink tablets?! » But, forgive, all life without heart attacks, insults, without problems with heart, kidneys, etc. - unless it is bad? The Arterial hypertension symptoms can be supervised, protecting an organism from complications, and messages thus absolutely normal high-grade life.


The world day of struggle against a hypertension which is spent since 2005 under the initiative of the World league of struggle against hypertension , in it to year passed under the slogan Salt and high arterial pressure: two silent murderers .

Hypertension symptoms
Now in treatment of a Hypertension symptoms are widely enough used, the adonis. Offered recipes and advice will help to improve state of health sick of a Hypertension symptoms.

The very first classification of a hypertension belongs to German doctor Frantsu Folhardu, which else in 1914 has started to subdivide it on red and pale. Here such then there was a primitive attitude to this artful illness.

Such complications are connected with an arterial hypertension , as heart attacks, insults, development of intimate insufficiency, infringement of a rhythm of heart. Therefore preventive maintenance and treatment of an arterial Hypertension symptoms in Ukraine is very important